JURGA Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. is established since 2000. So far, we have gained a significant position and experience on the Polish construction chemistry market. We are a manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of construction products. Our products are applicable for professional use. They significantly improve the quality of products while reducing construction costs. At the same time we offer a whole range of products that are perfect for home use.

  • plasticizers for masonry mortars and plaster mortars,
  • plasticizers and superplasticizers for concrete,
  • pore blockers for concrete and mortars, so-called “water sealants”,
  • admixtures accelerating setting and hardening, so-called “anti-freezing” admixtures,
  • fibres for concrete – polypropylene fibre reinforcement for concrete and mortars,
  • one-component and two-component polymer waterproofing membranes for ceramic tiles,
  • bituminous waterproofing membranes for foundations walls and roofs,
  • butyl and elastomer sealing systems for waterproofing membranes,
  • pointing mixes for expansion joint systems,
  • priming products,
  • impregnation agents for concrete, bricks, clinker, unit pavers, stone, cobbles, roofing tiles, etc.
  • cleaning agents for cement and limestone dirt,
  • cleaning agents removing oil from unit pavers,
  • biocidal agents removing, algae, fungi, moulds,
  • high quality iron-based pigments.

In order to meet our customers’ constantly growing requirements and expectations, we systematically control and improve the quality of our products. We regularly modernize our machinery stock. We continually follow the latest worldwide trends in logistics, manufacture, design, and implementation. Listening intently to the voice of the market and investing in new technologies, our research and development division systematically launches new, unconventional and innovative products which surprise the market and our customers.

We sincerely invite you to cooperate.



P.P.H.U. JURGA business established


Cooperation established with the English FEB brand - one of the largest manufacturers of construction chemicalse


Cooperation and sales of plasticizers established with the English MIX UK company


Commercial Department established


Start of production and sales of products under the P.P.H.U. JURGA brand


Purchase of a new packaging line for powder admixtures NO. 1


Purchase of a new packaging line for powder admixtures NO. 1


Supply contracts with DIY network signed


Purchase of land and expansion of storage facilities


Purchase of new packaging line for powder admixtures NO. 2


New distribution channels in Europe and Eastern Europe opened


Launch of production line for concrete reinforcement fibers


New company is established, with a new co-owner, new associates and new innovative products


Expansion of the Sales Department