Ready-to-use liquid admixture that elasticizes and restricts the use of tap water. It improves the workability of the concrete mixture, facilitating pumping, supply and mixing. Facilitates accurate gravel and cement combination, making the concrete mix better compacted and homogeneous. This increases the strength of concrete, reduces shrinkage, settling and cracking as well as the tightness of the elements and their resistance to frost and salt de-icing. The chloride-free admixture does not corrode steel in concrete mix. This product is recommended for concrete floors, especially under heated floors, screeds on patios and balconies. BETONMIX PLUS is also used in the manufacture of various types of concrete goods.

0.5% to 1% relative to cement weight (from 125 ml to 250 ml per 25 kg of cement)
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5L canister